Scanner Question (Canon P-150M)

Anyone using a Canon P-150M with Devonthink Pro Office? I am debating between this scanner and the ScanSnap S1300 scanner. I like the one-cord usb power of the Canon since I have Mac Air with limited USB ports, but I am worried that it won’t play nice with Devonthink. Any feedback on this scanner’s usability with Devonthink, or the scanner itself?


Well, after seeing no replies I went for the safe pick and ordered the ScanSnap S1500M for the house. Not portable, but I don’t really need that much. And itseems that everyone loves the S1500M.

What was the reason to get the S1500M and not one of the other ScanSnap models, if you don’t mind me asking?
I have a 6 months old Canon scanner but the integration with DT does not work as well as I hoped.

bosie, after I decided I not to get the Canon, I was deciding between the S1500M and the S1300. Ultimately I felt I would trade the portability of the S1300 (that I probably don’t really need) for the speed of the S1500M. So far I am thrilled with the full size scanner, which is still pretty small and very fast. Good luck on your decision!

Thanks for the reply, seems like you made the right decision after all :wink: