scanner question

I have a question about the scanner. I was trying to find the rss/atom feed for a particular blog. The scanner in DA picked up to feeds, neither of which were the site feed ( I opened up the same site in Firefox and searched the site for a feed with the Sage plugin and it found it immediately. Why isn’t DA finding the feed?

PS:the rss feed does show up in “all links” but not when RSS/RDF/Atom feeds is chosen.

Sounds like a bug - could you send me the URL of the blog? Thank you!

The url is in my first post,

I’ve never seen such a “definition” for an RSS link, maybe this is Firefox specific as Safari 2 doesn’t recognize the feed too. This link should either use a feed:// scheme or a <link type=“RSS” … > definition in the source (the scanner of DA recognizes additional stuff but these two are the most common and official ones).