Scanner settings disappear in new DTP version

I’ve been using DTP for about six months and it has worked well with my Fujitsu ScanSnap. However, after the recent upgrade to DTP I have noticed that the settings in ScanSnap Manager repeatedly change values.


APPLICATION: DTP disappears and the setting defaults back to Adobe Acrobat. I have to ADD and BROWSE for the DTP application and reset.

SAVE: My preferred save location disappears and is replaced with User/Pictures for no obvious reason. I need to reset this.

I didn’t think too much of this, but last week I had a guest from Washington DC and he was quite taken with DTP. So on returning he bought DTP and a Fujitsu ScanSnap and, guess what, he is experiencing exactly the same problems. He cannot even get the ScanSnap to find DTP (although I have now told him how to do this).

Could there be a problem with the latest upgrade?

If you upgrade to the latest version of the ScanSnap Manager 2.1 you’ll find that it works a lot better. Unfortunately the preferences format changed and since we have to play catch-up with Fujitsu it may not always work properly. That said, you can always set the correct application manually.
The next maintenance release will also fix the problematic Quick Menu settings. Now you will have to disable this explicitly with their version 2.1.

I am experiencing the same problem, DTP asks every time I launch it if I want to fix the scansnap option, I select it but everytime I close and relaunch it defaults to adobe acrobat.

any suggestions?

Make sure to upgrade to ScanSnap Manager version 2.1: it has a new preference format that we support. It seems 2.0 falls in a gap between 1.x and 2.1. The next maintenance release will fix this and also fix the nasty QuickMenu setting. Currently you need to switch that off manually for our settings to work.