Scanners AGAIN...


thank you for your reply and for the link.
As the ScanTango Software seems to cost about $150, this is not really an option for me (way too expensive!).

And what about the other way around? Does The S500M work on Windows or is there the same driver problem?

It’s hard to understand that such a scanner (which is not really cheap) can be used with one single platform only … :frowning:

I read a part of the discussion in the link you attached to your post and it seems that the older scanner models can be used on both platforms by using japanese drivers and localizing them?!


Hi Martin,

It’s waaaaay past midnight here and I have to get to bed, but you should go on the forum and ask this question. You have to register for the forum. It’s free.

The forum is reachable by a link at the top. This is the best place to get an answer. Let us all know what you find out.

I’m sure there has to be a workaround.

Thank you and good night - we’re in the middle of the day here in central Europe.

I’ll ask directly in the other forum.