Scanners thread : CANON DR-2510M

I am not sure if there is a scanner thread some where , but I would like to start one.

Has any body used the new CANON DR-2510M which is specifically a Mac Scanner ?
I love Canon products , I used multifunction MP830 for 3 years now as basically a scanner in the office and it still scans flawlessly with a single button just like the ScanSnap (actually Canon is better since you have a color key and BW key no need to mess with options, but then its not a single pass duplex). Any way I am planning to get a scanner for home and was comparing this Canon to the ScanSnap s1500, and get rid of my ugly HP MF which is basically a truck sitting next to the iMac.

For small office network scan , you might check out this beauty from Canon … /index.asp