Scanning a pack of invoices in separated docs


i am really new with DT - Using Devonthink Pro 2.0b7 with a ScanSnap 300 and like to scan packs (20-30 pages each) of invoices.

Each document/page i scanned should be one PDF in DT so each invoice i scanned is one PDF - how can i do this :question: At the moment i get one PDF with XX pages.

Thanks so much


On the S510 there is a settings option for the ScanSnap software (check the 300 to verify that it is the same).

In ScanSnap Settings > File Options there is an option to “Generate one PDF File Per [x] pages” and a drop-down box to chose “x”. Note that if Duplex Scan is on, and you set number of pages to “1” then you’ll get two files for each two-sided document.

Be sure to reverse the settings after you are finished because you’ll get (perhaps) undesirable results from your next scan of the manuscript of War and Peace. :confused:

Thanks…searched a while but the have hidden it perfectly :slight_smile:

Now only a Auto-File-Name tool in DT is missing (finding the invoice date and name the File “Invoice XX.09.2009” or something like that :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help

A near-workaround: open the document in DT. Select the text you want to be the title (e.g., invoice number). Right-click. Chose “Set Title As”. Voilà.