Scanning and OCR with DTPO and ScanSnap (Fujitsu)

Mac OS X 10.7.2
DTPO ver 2.3
Fujitsu Scanner ScanSnap S1500M
ScanSnap Manager Ver 3.2

I can use Scansnap manager to scan a document to desktop, and import that document into DTPO, and convert it to PDF + Text.

I have NOT figured out how to forward the document to DTPO using the ScanSnap manager. Or if it is putting it into DTPO, I don’t know where to look. :confused:

And if I understand the DTPO User Manual correctly there should be a way to activate the scanner from within DTPO and get a Scanned and OCR’ed file in one step.

I’ve fussed with this for several hours and looked through the forum and decided I need some help and advice.

The ScanSnap’s output to DT Pro Office is managed by ScanSnap Manager.

If the Use Quick Menu option in ScanSnap Manager is checked, UNCHECK it.

Open ScanSnap Manager’s Settings. Click on the Application tab. Choose DEVONthink Pro as the application to which PDFs are to be sent. (Browse for it if necessary and add DT Pro to the list of available applications.)

Click on the Scanning tab. You should scan at a quality setting that will result in 300 dpi resolution of the PDF to be OCRd: Color or Automatic color recognition and Better (Faster). Set the File option tab to PDF. Set Compression to No Compression.

You should review the other tabs for settings, and perhaps the Help information in ScanSnap Manager. The default settings of the other tabs will probably work for you.

Now insert paper copy in the feeder and press the Scan button on the ScanSnap scanner. The copy will be scanned and the resulting PDF will be sent to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR and storage. That’s it!

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your reply. It helped a lot :exclamation:

I spent more time looking at the ScanSnap Manager and the main problem was that the profile, which had been set up by the DTPO Installer did not have an app listed and it defaulted to the DEVONthink Pro instead of Pro Office which was what worked.

Thanks also for the other tips about tuning the configuration. I have adjusted them.

So … On my way to a paperless office. Well, in a year or so. :wink: