Scanning bill's due date and amount in the same line

Hi all, I am trying to extract the data for a bill in a Smart Rule. The relevant data in the text-only version of the file looks like this

Please pay $95.36 by Feb 06, 2022

I want to extract both the due date and amount to work with them later and have the following Smart Rule portion:

When I run this Rule of a file named ATT Bill 2022-01-16, I get the following alert

The Amount is properly recognized, but the date is not. The date that is extracted is from the name of the file, not the due date. Even if I set the Date Parameter to Please pay $95.36 by *, I still get the wrong date. What might I be doing wrong?

Your Date scan action uses regular expressions but these aren’t supported. Only * is supported like in your Amount scan action. But the string Please pay* should work.

@cgrunenberg I have tried that

but I still get the same results

CleanShot 2022-01-23 at 12.08.09@2x

A copy of the document would be useful to check this.

Scanning for document dates doesn’t support future dates currently. The next release will change this in case of rules specifying the desired date like in this case.