Scanning Books Question

I just bought a ScanSnap 1500M and I have had the bindings cut off many of my books so that I can scan them. But the pages are showing up just as they are scanned - ie. one in normal reading position, the other upside down. How can I fix that?

Also, any suggestions for scanning several hundred books? I want to keep a regular pdf and also have an OCR version. The OCR seems to be working automatically, though it does take a great deal of time.

Thanks - Ryan

Ok, apparently DTPO or OCR - or something - fixes the book pdfs and puts them in the correct order and orientation for reading.

  • Ryan

Is there any reason to limit the number of books that I scan at one time? I’m finding that the OCR takes quite a bit of time, I can easily scan 20 books through the ScanSnap before the first 2 or 3 get OCR’d. Does it slow things down to have too many books in the OCR que?

Thanks - Ryan

You might run into one or both of these limitations: RAM (memory) and free hard drive space. If you run out of free physical RAM, that will also involve use of disk space via Virtual Memory swap files.

During OCR, large temporary image files are being created for each page, and these images, depending on content, could exceed 40 MB to 100 MB each.

If you overload your computer’s resources, the result may be a crash or freeze that will probably require re-scanning of some of the items previously scanned.

As there are lots of variables, you will probably learn the limits by experience, if you have scanned more books than can be handled in a queue. :slight_smile: