Scanning Documents in DT3


My apologies in advanced if this question has been answered previously. I’m a long time user of DT2 and decided to try out DT3 tonight. I’m noticed a few behavioral changes as it relates using the import scanning tool and was wondering if it was possible to replicate the DT2 behavior.

Duplex or multi-page documents are now being scanned as separate pages. Having to create a binder adds an extra step that wasn’t necessary in DT2. Using queues also adds an extra step that wasn’t necessary in DT2. Has the ability to use the scanning interface with the document feeder option to create a multi-page PDF document automatically been removed?


Walter …

After experimenting a bit more … I’m able to “duplicate” similar behavior in DT3 that I enjoyed in DT2. If I scan to a binder then I have the flexibility to add any type of page and can “close” the binder for it to be automatically saved to the destination folder.

Kind of cool actually, although I’m forced to name my PDF first rather than just scan them and rename them afterwards. I don’t think my original post is an issue anymore - sorry for the troubles.

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No worries! :slight_smile: