Scanning in Devonthink Pro causes Crash


Anyone else having problems scanning into Devonthink Pro?

I get two different errors, the first…

a) File - Import - from scanner or camera
b) Makes sure its set to PDF and select scan, it moves the scan into ‘scan & image’.
c) Select the ‘scan & image’, select the scan and press ‘send to’
d) It errors saying ‘unable to connect to OCR’

The second…
Repeat a) & b)
c) Move the file from ‘scans & images’ to ‘documents’ within the image capture window.
d) select the doc
e) press ‘send to’
f) and Devonthink Pro crashes…this happens every time I try it.

Any help appreciated. (scanner is Canon MG8100)

Please email the crash report to DEVONtechnologies Support.

I am having the EXACT same problem as you in your first instance, that is when you click Send in the Image Capture window with one difference: instead of getting an error message, DTPO crashes every time.

Extremely frustrating.


Same here. Bigger problem.

Scanned a pile of documents, which I stupidly shredded before going back and finding that the 20 or so multi-page documents I had created errored into identical documents of one page only.

Next, when I went back in, I got “Unable to connect to OCR”.

I pulled all the scans out of the ImageCapture trash and into a “new” document, but am unable to save it out of ImageCapture because of the aforementioned problem of connecting to OCR.

Not happy with the change in scanning process in latest version. Now making screenshots of each of the 50 scans and will need to reassemble in a layout program and make PDFs. Afternoon, and confidence in inputing more documents, shot.