scanning into devonthink issue changes [inbox]

Couple of items/issues we are having with the version 2 beta…

we use the ocr for all our office filing, and we’ve gotten used to the way devonthink 1 worked and were very happy with the method of filing and archiving. [using fujitsu scansnap m3000]

The admin staff have a few issues with the new version [weve only used it for a couple of days so far -so expect some more queries!!] and how it imports all the scanned documents as follows -

doc scanned and then it imports the file into the INBOX - were used to highlight the folder/group where we wanted the scan to go prior to pushing the scan button on the scanner - therefore our letters would be ocr’d and filed in 1 go - now it a case of ocr and then dragging the file into the correct folder…- is there anyway of doing it as in version 1?? - why cant we just scan docs straight into the group anymore??!

also [and this also relates to the first issue we have,]

dragging file from inbox into the correct group -
we have hundreds of job files in our database, and to move the file means we have to scroll down to the correct group prior to dragging the file, - but once we drag the file the window springs back up to the inbox location - its a pain as we may have another doc which needs putting into the following group folder [meaning we have to re-scroll down once more]

these are really small issues but its just we’ve gotten used to devonthink 1 being intuitive and reducing the amount of repetitive tasks we needed to do.

hope you can help,