Scanning lots of info about people at a conference (lessons)

Just used my Snapscan S510M for the first time today. It was a religious experience. I had the folder from a conference I’d attended, with 1 page of information on each speaker and attendee. It took me, maybe, 30 minutes to scan the 240 pages in several batches. I can now easily find these folks when I’m looking for experts on, say, Japan and venture capital. This will be particularly cool when more “real” smart folders are available as advertised in v 2.0.

It’s not perfect. The files are named things like “2008_08_01_17_32_01”, but since I can also search by the name in the file, who cares? Also, there are some speakers who had multiple pages of information, which are now in separate files. But, those files are sequential when sorted by name, so it’s easy to piece together.

Some useful lessons learned include (a) keep things granular. I originally scanned a bunch in at once to have a since document of many speakers. Hard to search and review results. Now I have one document per page. (b) Trust the Force, Luke. Rather than obsessing over detail (did the OCR get every word right? Should I title the pages something meaningful), I’m trusting on the search capabilities of DTPO to find things, even with imperfections. Because I have access to both the OCR’d text and the image, I can probably figure out what happened if there was a scanning glitch.

Hope that’s useful to someone. Great product!!!

p.s. CardIris, which also comes with the scanner, is great for putting in business cards from the conference to Address Book.