Scanning multiple documents to Queue

I’ve read the Help page for Capturing Paper and using the Queue option, but have a question. I have 13 single/individual unrelated pages that I’d like to scan, which I’d like to result in 13 single pages. Do I have to Add button each page, naming & tagging each, or will simply selecting the Separator (Page Count = 1) option do it automatically, naming each document the current date & time?

Add 13 queued items of 1 page each.
If you don’t add a title, it will use a timestamp.

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Got it. I wasn’t sure if I had to Add each page to the Queue, or if I could just add 1 Queue item with 1 page separator, and have it spit out 13 individual pages.

The Page Separator defines the boundary between queued items, not pages.
Here it says to itself, “I scanned one page, so I must be on to the next queued item, etc.”.

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Got it! :slight_smile: Thanks Jim! (Go do some photography!)

I’m hoping to this weekend! :slight_smile:

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Outstanding! Would love to see what you capture!

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So adding each individual document, but have to keep changing the default location from Inbox to the desired location in my database. Is there a way to set the default to my desired location?

@BLUEFROG - I’m confused. I Added an item for each document that I needed to scan, modified the name, changed the destination, added keywords, hit Scan. It appears that only one Queued item ran (marked as “still scanning”), but all of the documents went to the Imports folder, and were named with the scan date & time. What did I do wrong here?

@BLUEFROG - Any thing, my friend?

I’ll have to test out that specific scenario.

@aedwards: I have confrimed the queue is not retaining attributes set in the queue.

@BLUEFROG, howdy …

That’s interesting that the queue is not retaining the attributes. Is that a bug, or something that I’ve done on my end? Will bouncing the app resolve? (I thought about doing that, but assumed that I’d lose all of the text entry that I’d done.)

Nothing to do. It definitely appears to be a bug that crept in.

Squash it! Kill it with fire!

Ok. Thanks! :grinning:

/hands @aedwards the Raid and a flyswatter. :stuck_out_tongue:

@BLUEFROG I have tried it here and it works as expected, are you using flatbed or a sheet feeder?

Sheet (document) feeder on an OfficeJet 9010.

@aedwards, and I’m also using the Sheet (document) feeder on an OfficeJet 8715.

Thanks I will dig my HP out of storage and give it a try

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