Scanning OCR issue

When I scan using Image capture (because DevonThink hangs and I have to force quit if I try to Import from scanner) when trying to use my scanner Pentax DSMobile - I get an error saying that the OCR will not work because the scan was performed at 0 dpi, when in fact it was done at 300.

Also, will you ever fix the scanning issue that causes DevonThink Office to hang when using Import from scanner. It’s been an issue for years.


Are you using the latest version 1.5? Because that one fixes both problems.

I am using the latest version DevonThinkPro Office 1.5

Am I missing something. I’m on OS X 10.4.11


Ah. I was mistaken, the next maintenance release fixes it. Sorry about that.

Any idea when that will be? Your release schedule is usually pretty infrequent.


I know better than to expect a reply, but I’ll ask anyways.

Is there any update on when the “Import from Scanner” functionality is going to be fixed for those of us running DEVONthink Pro Office on Leopard?

Hi, Lyle. As Apple hasn’t responded, DEVONtechnologies has licensed an application that will handle TWAIN scanners, and this will be part of a maintenance release in the next several weeks.

There will be a maintenance release later this week, but it’s unlikely TWAIN scanner support will be included in it. This release will, however, fix the other issue mentioned about about the “zero dpi” message.

If your scanner manufacturer provides an application that will allow your scanner to send scan output to another application, select DEVONthink Pro as the target and DEVONthink Pro Office will then OCR and store the searchable PDF. For example, Canon provides CanoScan Toolbox X for many models of Canon scanners – that’s what I prefer to use for my CanoScan LIDE 500F.

Otherwise, until the scanner fix becomes available, the workaround is to save scanner output to the Finder, then use in DT Pro Office the command File > Import > Images (With OCR) and select the PDFs to be OCRd and stored in the database.

It’s been about two months, Bill. Any word on how this integration is going yet?

I’m running the latest beta of the next maintenance release and the TWAIN interface for my Canon flatbed is working well. Annard and the ExactScan folk have gone through several revisions and I would expect the update to come out soon.