Scanning overview image

When scanning, the scanning window only shows the last “overview” scan, but not the actual result of the last scan. When I’m scanning multiple documents or multi-page documents without taking “overview” scan with each page, I won’t see the actual scan results. I can see the scans in “Scans & Images” page, but not in the page where I actually scan the images. Is it supposed to work like this? If it is, why? It’d be very useful to see what you just scanned instead of just some earlier overview. Every other scanning application I’ve tried also shows the scanned image after the scan.

The scanning window works in the same way as Apple’s Image Capture application. When using a flatbed scanner the only time the preview is updated is when the overview button is pressed. This provides a way to set the scan size once and repeat for multiple pages. Having said that I can see the benefits of updating the preview and we will consider this for a future update.