Scanning problems-help required please

I am a complete newbie & have purchased a pro office licence principally for the ability to scan my paperwork into DT. I am using a Canon 630 multifunction machine. Before registering worked fine & no problems. Having no registered it seem that I am able to scan a document on using Import/Image capture. When I go to scan another document the program crashes every time. I then have to remove the USB lead from the printer & re-attach it otherwise it is no recognised. Then imports one document fine before repeating the same cycle. Could it be a memory issue? I’m using a 2.4Ghz Intel Core Duo 2 iMac with 4GB of RAM. Have never had any similar problems with the scanner or the computer.

Is this a known beta problem? I could not see it replicated in the forum anywhere.

Any assistance would be appreciated to cure this frustration.

I cannot publicly print my opinion about scanning in Mac OS X. But despite the problems, our application is not supposed to crash. It would help if you send the crash report (in your home folder > Library > Logs > CrashReporter) to

Also, make sure you download the latest drivers from Canon, and try to contact the printer directly to your computer and not through a USB hub.

Another alternative we have is to scan a document through ExactScan Capture (File > Import > Document (from ExactScan)).

Have downloaded updated driver etc & was directly connected through computer as opposed to USB hub. Exact scan seems to work fine & does not replicate the problem although I note it is slower & produces slightly larger files.

I have sent the crash logs to support as requested.