Scanning Problems in DT Pro Office 1.5.2 -- Please Read

The new IRIS OCR engine incorporated in DT Pro OFfice 1.5.2 has a serious problem. The PDFs that are produced are not standard PDFs. I was able to use 1.5.2 to get searchable PDFs with good OCR accuracy. But if that PDF is subsequently edited and saved, e.g., by adding a note under Preview, the text layer becomes garbled.

I would advise not using DTPO 1.5.2 as released on 5 May for scanning; wait for a replacement or reissue. Keep an eye on the Blog at for further news.

There are workarounds for problems with ExactScan Capture. That will be fixed. But the serious problem is the integrity of the PDFs produced by the new IRIS RDE. Hold off on scanning critical documents until the OCR engine is replaced with the older one.

This doesn’t affect DT Pro 1.5.2. All other operations are fine in DT Pro Office 1.5.2.

A new release (DTPO fixing the OCR issues is available on our download page and via the built-in software update.

After installing the new version, Eric recommends on his blog that I better re-convert all of the pdfs that have been converted with the old version.How do I find out which pdfs these are? I recently had to re-import my pdfs into a different database, so I cannot use the “history” to find out.

on a side note:
since it is the use of Apple Preview that creates a garbled text layer with 1.5.2., I am glad that I used skim instead. As it seems, this has saved me from pdf madness, so I hope I will be able to see my skim notes in a later version of DT.

The ex/importing process should retain the creation/modification dates and therefore just check the PDF documents created/modified in the last 24 hours.

Thanks for the warning and the update.

However, I’m unable to get ExactScan to detect my Epson 1260 perfection scanner. I see this scanner is not on the supported scanner lists, and I can’t find a way of getting a driver that might make them connect.
I’d appreciate any advice: The setup was working ok until the first 1.5 upgrade. By then I’d become really used to the scanning/OCR functioning and really want it back.

I’d rather not have to buy a new scanner, but if I do, is there a recommended good medium use scanner (for a student)?
I’m still on OS 10.4.11.

Many thanks.
Gary in Fremantle

Actually, not the update to 1.5 broke it but Leopard. Regarding ExactScan: Please simply email to and we’ll forward your message to the ExactCode team.