Scanning selection and preview stuck

I’m testing DEVONthink Pro Office for purchase. I have an issue with scanning (Image Capture). When you select the scanner in Devices list, I guess it should show the last preview scan or real scan, over which you can draw an rectangle over the part you want to scan. Maybe the first time I started, I draw a rectangle which doesn’t quite fit the show scan. Now I can’t figure any way to reshape the rectangle. I can only move it a bit with the hand cursor. If I click on it, it turns blue, and if I click outside of it, the borders remain. I can’t reshape it from the borders. Also, when I scan new pages, only the original preview image is shown.

My scanner is CanoScan LiDE 110.

Please start a Support Ticket.

I am also experiencing this issue. I have created ticket 584467. Thank you!