Scanning to pdf - how to set top / bottom of document

I’m in the process of scanning old A5 notepads with manual writing to Devonthink.

As these are “old” notepads, they are not in a mint condition, meaning sometimes a little wrinkled, sometimes bent at the top (from turning over).

What I do, is tear off all pages so that they are separate.
But then, I often need to put them in upside down, as usually the bottom of the pages is more crisp and clean.

What then happens is that at random some pages are rotated sideways (landscape mode) and off course DTPO can not identify top or bottom of handwritten pages.

Next, I go into the inspector pane, to the thumbnail view mode, where I can then rotate left or right to correct.

So far so good.
Now my question:

At times and on some individual pages I manually include a text element, writing down information from the page. Purpose being that DTPO will be able to interprete and find this information when needed.

Problem is that, seemingly one way or the other, DTPO determines what is the up- or downside of a page, next, if you manually rotate it e.g. 2x so that is is rotated 180º - and then start annotating, the annotated text is upside down (too)…

So in short: how can I manually rotate pages and then confirm / change that they are in the upside position?

Sorry for this lengthy post, but not easy to describe clearly.
Thanks for helping out!

testing.pdf (437.2 KB)