Scanning with ScanSnap v 2.2 L11 and DTP

In the past I have simply pressed the scan button on the ScanSnap scanner and the page was scanned and placed in whichever group/folder I was in at the time in DTP. I was happy with this.

I now have DTP 1.5.3 and ScanSnap manager v 2.2 L11. When I scan the page the manager software asks me where I want to put the scan (i.e. directory, printer, iPhoto). Also in settings the Application tab is greyed out so I cannot set up DTP as as the preferred application.

Any thoughts on the above?


Uncheck the option in ScanSnap Manager to Use Quick Menu.

Sorry that I have been so long to reply Bill. I unchecked it and it works fine now.

Thank you for your help.