Scanning workflows for DTTG?

Has any experimented with any scanning workflows with DTTG? I have the ScanSnap ix500 with the wireless App on iOS and I can scan and send to DTTG via the share sheet. However, I’m curious if anyone has used/created any workflows with Workflow or Launch Center (I don’t think DTTG is yet supported).

Perhaps the DT team have ideas and plans in this area… :wink:

Would be curious to hear on anyone’s implementations here too!

as long as there is no OCR in scansnap or dttg you will lose the possibility to search within the scanned document later… found only one app that performs an OCR in an already existing pdf. its scan+

first: scan with scansnap://
second: open scanned pdf in scan+
third: start ocr
fourth: open in dttg

but the OCR quality is poor and the workflow is manually, even if it takes just seconds an only some taps

in my eyes it ist much easier to scan to an always on macmini, import it to DT with a good OCR

for automation: its possible to start scansnap in launchcenter pro, but unfortunately there is no documentation how to set the parameter for a connection to x-devonthink…