ScanSnap and DevonThink office

I’m trying to use a Fujitsu ScanSnap with DevonThink office. My goal is to import and OCR a stack of 1 page documents to PDF’s within DevonThink. When I press scan and the pages go through the scanner, only the first one appears within the DevonThink menu. To import the remaining pages I must navigate to the folder specified in the scansnap settings. Any advice?

Jeff Raines

Jeff, I’ve got a Fujitsu ScanSnap also and have scanned more than 2,000 pages into my databases.

Click and hold on the ScanSnap Manager icon in your Dock. Select Settings. Make certain that DEVONthink Pro is specified in the Application tab. In case this was set for a previous version you can delete it and then choose DEVONthink Pro again for the Application setting.

Now all scans sent through your ScanSnap will be sent to DT Pro Office for OCR and saving to your database.

Bill, Thanks for your quick response. The scans are going to DevonThink. Its just that only the first of the 15-20 pages that have gone through the scanner appears in DevonThink/goes through OCR/asks for name/author/subject/etc. For the other pages scanned, I have to import/images with OCR under the File menu.

Under settings in ScanSnap I have it set to “generate 1 pdf per 1 page.”

Any ideas?


Jeff, I’m using ScanSnap Manager version 2.0 L10, which doesn’t have the option to scan a stack in the feeder as 1-page PDFs.

Almost everything I scan is more than one page, and the ScanSnap is working great for me, so I may not look for a later driver. :slight_smile:

For 1-page material, the scans happen as rapidly as I drop a sheet into the feeder and hit the Scan button. I’ve turned off the Attributes feature in DTPO Preferences > OCR, as I don’t want the queue to stop and ask me to fill in the name, subject and keywords.

I scan to a folder and then do an OCR import batch that runs overnight, but I was having the same problem. It would import the first doc and then prompt me to enter information while the other 30 sat in the queue.

If I’m understanding correctly, what’s causing you grief is that instead of chugging along and importing each one-page doc as they’re scanned with the ScanSnap, it interrupts the process by popping up the window.

I’m not in front of the computer and I don’t remember the name of the checkbox, but if you turn off the option in the preferences to prompt for information on import, it should kill the dialog box that pops up with the first doc imported and kills the rest in the batch as they get scanned in. That -should- let the scan-to-DT process complete, but does mean that if you want to edit information you’ll have to go back and do it after the import is complete.

I’ve only been using DTPO for a few weeks but love it - so if any more experienced users can add to this please do.

To get rid of the dialog box navigate to Preferences > OCR

You’ll see PDF Output file: - uncheck the Set Attributes box.