Scansnap and DTPro conundrum

Hi all

I have a slight “conundrum” (love the word but not sure I’m using it correctly). I generally scan to Devonthink when using scansnap. It works quite well, however while the document ends up in DTPro snapscan seems to also put a copy of the file in a folder. This means that I have two copies of everything I scan. Perhaps this is a question for the Scansnap community, but I was hoping that some of you wizards out there knew how to remedy this. When I use a profile that scans to application (i.e Devonthink) I want the file in devonthink without an additional copy elsewhere on my drive.


In preferences, the OCR tab, check the “move to trash” option. (At least it’s in my DTPO latest version).

In conjunction with @pvonk’s suggestion - in ScanSnap settings > Save, use the DEVONthink Global Inbox folder in Application Support. All your scans will show up in the Global Inbox, from which you can distribute them to the databases & groups where you want them.