ScanSnap -> DevonThink Workflow for Multiple Documents


I am fairly new to DT and have just purchased a ScanSnap ix1600 to help me go paperless. I have read the excellent guide to setting up ScanSnap and DT in the forums by johnrellis.

What I am struggling with is the best workflow for scanning multiple documents. I have a stack of documents I wish to digitise, all of varying lengths. In my old Doxie Go scanner app I could select various pages and staple them together before sending to Evernote. I can’t seem to find a way to rectify this functionality. Is this something I should be aiming to do before the files are imported to DT, or can I do this after import? There seems to be two options in ScanSnap - import all pages as individual PDFs then combine afterwards, or import all scans from that batch as one PDF then split afterwards?

What is the best way to do this please? Does anyone use any intermediary software to help?

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Just set the ScanSnap profile to Continuous Scan.

  • If you’re scanning a single page, scan it and stop the scanning when done.
  • If you’re scanning multi-page, just keep scanning and stop it when you’re done with that set of pagrs.
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