ScanSnap doesn't find Devonthink

Hi together, I’ve been working with ScanSnap and Devonthink for a long time without problems. Now I switched to a MacBook Pro M1 Pro. I can add Devonthink to ScanSnap, but when I want to create a new profile based on Devonthink, DT is not on the list.

I also switched DT to Rosetta, because ScanSnap is Intel-based, but that didn’t solve the problem.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

ScanSnap Home 2.7.0 (7)
ScanSnap Online Update 3.1.36
Devonthink Version 3.8.6

Thanks a lot!


There seems to be a bug in the ScanSnap software. DT doesn’t appear on the list. I simply clicked on another option. When editing the Profile I could choose DT from the “send to”-List.

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Thank you for update!

That has been an issue with ScanSnap Home for some time. However, it’s not a necessary step as shown in DEVONthink’s Help > Tutorials > Scan with a ScanSnap tutorial.