ScanSnap & DTPO

Just got the SSnap; having a couple of ‘issues’

  1. Adobe 8Pro is asking for a serial number; not on the paper DVD “case”, and not at Adobe as this came bundled with the SSnap. Help.

  2. I make a scan, save to DTPO, and have to wait what seems like too long for a dialogue box to pop up, which occurs as it arrives in DTPO. I set things up following Kissell’s “Take Control of your Paperless Office.” I’m surprised it is so slow getting from the scanner to DTPO. Just wondering if a time lag is normal.

  3. I scan, save (as PDF + text) in DTPO, and then I want to CHANGE that file. I open in PDF (Adobe comes up) but am unable to change. Will this work once I get the Adobe8 install completed (once I find serial #)?

Thanks in advance, everyone.

  1. Normally, the serial number for the Adobe software can be found on the installation disc or its container.

  2. OCR involves a lot of processing and takes time. Unlike Acrobat, DTPO saves each of the temporary page files to disk rather than retaining them in memory. This takes longer, but the tradeoff is that large PDFs are less likely to choke the computer, allowing one to continue using the computer for other tasks while a queue of PDFs undergoes OCR.

I prefer disabling that modal dialog panel during OCR, as it stops the queue while waiting for my response. To disable it, choose Preferences > OCR, thun uncheck the option to add metadata after OCR. (It’s easy to rename the PDF within the database. In many cases one can select the title in the PDF, then press Control-Command-I to set the Name as the selected text string.

  1. Depends on what you mean by ‘change’. Correction of OCR errors really isn’t feasible. Annotations such as notes, highlighting etc. can be done in Acrobat, Preview or DTPO.

Many thanks, Bill.

  1. The Adobe disc is not here with me; will recheck on Monday (didn’t see one on the disc today, but will pursue).

  2. Thank you for instructions on how to disable the dialogue box, and for reassurance that a ‘lag’ is ok. I was wondering, too, in the event that I scan mega docs in one day in an attempt to clear a backlog of paper. I assume DT can handle quite a queue of PDF’s waiting to be OCR’d and then saved in DT?, or, that it will somehow tell me to stop scanning if it is getting overwhelmed.

  3. ‘Change’ meant an actual change to the scanned image, e.g. as a teacher, I decide to scan that old exam, but then want to change a couple of questions. It seems we are saying this is not possible. Is there anyway to make that possible? (would be HUGE…maybe I need another app to do so?).

A last question. The SSnap came with a couple of means of OCR. But, DT is doing that for me correct? So where does Adobe come into the picture? Did I even need to install it? Should I uninstall it?

Thanks again for the help.

Just got the ScanSnap myself. The only program they include which I’m using is SS Manager. CardIris just bombs out with “wrong CPU architecture” (I’m running Lion and it seems to be a really ancient PPC app that needs Rosetta). Adobe is 8, the current Adobe Acrobat Pro is at 10, I do not know if 8 even works under Lion.