ScanSnap - Import from DEVONthink does simplex scan only

I’ve got the new ScanSnap Manager that works with Catalina installed. When I start from the ScanSnap Manager and send to DEVONthink it works fine. I set the profile to the DEVONthink one and select duplex scan from the menu.

However if I start a scan from DEVONthink using the ScanSnap button or from Import > Scan from ScanSnap it always does a simplex scan and only scans one side of the page. Is there a way to get DEVONthink to do a duplex scan from the button? Minor issue since the other way works fine, but I like hitting the button instead.

Scanner: ScanSnap S1300
ScanSnap Manager: Version 7.0 L20
DEVONthink: 3.5.2
macOS: 10.15.6

This is an issue with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap SDK, unfortunately they haven’t updated their SDK since releasing ScanSnap Manager for macOS Catalina. DEVONthink requests a scan using the correct profile however there appears to be an incompatibility between the current and older version of ScanSnap Manager.

We have contacted Fujitsu regarding an updated SDK however we have not had any response so it is possible that they will not update the SDK as their main focus is now on ScanSnap Home.

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