ScanSnap ix500 and DTP

Can anyone confirm the new ScanSnap ix500 will allow direct scanning to DevonThink Pro Office? Thanks-


I am desiring an answer to the same question. My ScanSnap is acting up and I am considering the newest version, the iX500,

Has its compatibility been tested with Devon Think Pro yet?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Can’t be absolutely certain, as the one I’ve ordered won’t be here for another 2 or 3 days. But I would be hugely surprised if the supplied Mac application doesn’t work just like ScanSnap Manager with previous Mac-compatible ScanSnap models.

Thanks as always for your prompt response, Bill! Please let us know once you have done some testing. I am holding off on getting one until then.

So got the iX500 yesterday. Installed software “over” my current ScanSnap manager (was using S510M). It installed without problem (be sure to follow directions- need to install software before connecting scanner). Only issue is that the automatic software update didn’t work (popup that I did not have correct permissions, in spite of trying repairing permissions and computer restart, using mountain lion). Call to support resulted in simply downloading update and installing directly- no problem.

The scanner is excellent, and most importantly, works fine with DTPO. In fact, I’m now able to use the Quickmenu… After scanning, I get a nice popup grid of apps to choose, including DTPO. Also, scanning directly to iPhone works great… not sure how much I’d actually use this, but now very easy to scan something very quickly direct to iPhone.


thanks for the update!

I just got an email from MacMall who has it on sale for $449.00 with free shipping.

Ordered mine.
will update when I get it in next week.