ScanSnap Manager and DTPO don't keep their settings

Hi all, I’ve been using a trial of DTPO and I LOVE it, except for one thing that is really bugging me. I just wanted to see if there was a more permanent solution to this problem I’m having before I actually buy DTPO. This is what I have to do every time I want to scan something into DTPO:

1.) Open ScanSnap Manager, go to Settings in the ScanSnap menu, change Application in drop-down menu to DEVONthink Pro (it defaults to Preview).

2.) Open DTPO, press Fix button on window that wants to change ScanSnap settings. Let DTPO quit ScanSnap for me.

3.) Re-open ScanSnap. ScanSnap settings have defaulted back to Preview! I have to change it back to DEVONthink Pro before I can actually scan anything into DTPO.

Why is DTPO changing the settings on ScanSnap back to defaulting to Preview? It’s not a big issue, but it is very annoying, and I’m getting really tired of doing it each and every time I use DTPO. Is there a way to permanently keep ScanSnap settings on DTPO/tell DTPO to not change them again, etc.?

BTW, it’s running on a MacBook Pro with Leopard. Thanks a bunch!

[EDIT] Also forgot to mention that I have gone through and trashed the file in the Preferences folder multiple times, and it never really fixed anything, so I stopped doing it.

Yes, there is a way to stop the Application setting from losing the DT Pro setting.

At your step 2), instead of confirming the “fix”, check the box to tell this message not to pop up again, and click Cancel.