Scansnap or DtPro for quickest ocr

I have the Scansnap 3000 ( i think) and Dt Pro Office. They both can do oct but I’m a bit unsure as to which is quickest for ocr? I’d like to be able to work on other stuff while the software is doing its ocr and ofocurse. So the big question - is there any difference? From what I understand both use Abbyfine reader for ocr.


I don’t know of a ScanSnap 3000. There’s an S1300 and (just out) the slightly faster S1300i. My experience is with the 1500M.

As you suggest, and as far as I know, all the ScanSnap models and DTPO use the same OCR software. I haven’t ever detected any difference in speed between them.

In a sense if there is a speed difference it won’t matter - so long as no window pops up after every document is OCR’d and takes focus, interrupting your other work. In my experience this will happen if you allow the ScanSnap version of ABBYY to do the OCR’ing and make no adjustments to the default scanning procedures.

There are several ways to make these adjustments. One is to collect your scanned documents in a folder un-OCR’d and then launch the ScanSnap version of ABBYY to batch-process them. This will require adjustments to ScanSnap Manager’s and ABBYY’s settings and preferences. Another is covered in this thread: [url]Always OCR?].

Thanks… my mistake ( or my bad as they say these days), i have the 1500M and nothing else.