Scansnap problem

Hallo to everyone!
After some years of beautiful integration, when I changed my Powerbook I was unable to conveniently set up my ScanSnap S1500M with DTPO 2: whenever I scan a document I obtain the same message:
«Document at path “/Users/tommaso/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox/2013_01_28_19_59_58.pdf” does not exist! Continue to import the document as is, or skip it?»
I have only the options to skip it or to continue. Then I must drag the file outside my database and then Import Images (with OCR) for OCR: a clumsy workflow …

I reinstalled several times both DTPO and ScanSnap software. Every time I obtained the dialog with the announce that DTPO detected a ScanSnap installation on my HD etc. and I always answered OK to the requests.

Any suggestion? Thank you very much

I’m guessing that in the setup of ScanSnap Manager’s Save tab, you designated the Inbox folder as the destination. That won’t work for OCR, as the scanner output file immediately vanishes from the location DEVONthink OCR expects to find it (is was sent to the Global Inbox).

ScanSnap Manager’s default setting in the Save tab is your Pictures folder. That works. And if you set DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR to move the original file to the Trash after OCR, your Picture folder won’t get clogged with scanner output files.

Yes, does it work !!!

God bless you. Thank you very much. :mrgreen:

I have a Fujitsu Scansnap, with Scansnap Manager installed. It works fine separately.
I’ve been through the "Capturing Paper (Scansnap and other scanners)n section of help. It says an “Install Fujitsu Scansnap Manager Support” dialogue should come up whenever Scansnap is installed and DT Pro is started, but this isn’t happening. I can’t figure out how to start the the Install routine.

Launch ScanSnap Manager. Click on the application name in the menubar and choose Settings.

If ‘Use Quick Menu’ is checked, uncheck it.

In Settings > Application browse for and set DEVONthink Pro (Office) as the application.

Just curious, is there an ‘official’ connection between DEVONthink and Scansnap? I ask because to get such quality help from this Forum on a 3rd. party’s product truly is fantastic and, in my limited experience of Scansnap, (have only had mine for a couple of weeks) this Forum offers the best help around! :smiley: Or is it just that DT integrates so well with Scansnap that the latter could be seen, as another member, (thanks T_Smith) privately said to me, “an extension of DEVONthink”? As I use Scansnap with DTPO more the truth of this statement is becoming more and more obvious.

There is no official relationship between DEVONtechnologies and Fujitsu. But DEVONthink Pro Office and a ScanSnap work wonderfully well together.

I’ve been using a ScanSnap since 2005, so have a good deal of experience with the combination.

Prior to that I had been using a flatbed scanner. For unbound copy, especially with print on both sides of the page, a sheet-fed scanner is orders of magnitude faster than a flatbed scanner, with minimal drudgery (I hate drudgery). The ScanSnap compares favorably with other sheet-fed scanners I’ve tested in scan speed, image quality and software - and in reliability.

Bill, thank you for this, it is interesting and encouraging that you think so highly of Scansnap, and I agree with you whole heartedly. I also think that the combination of DTPO and Scansnap is a “marriage made in heaven”. One question, when using a Scansnap 1300i is it possible to somehow set it so that it automatically saves the document to DTPO after scanning instead of having to press the Save button?

If I understood you properly, my suggestion is that you uncheck the option ‘Enter metadata after text recognition’ in DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR.

Thank you Bill, I am not with my scanner at the moment but I will see if that works. The problem is, or hopefuly was :wink: that with a large number of scans a window came up where you name & save, I prefer to save first and then go through all the scans at my leisure to name & classify in DTPO. Cheers.

Thank goodness this solution worked. This problem has been a plague since I upgraded my laptop. I set “Save” to Inbox. Who knew that DevonThink would automatically pick up scanned PDFs from the PIctures folder? Could we get that into the User Guide?

I have no problem saving to Scansnap. But It’s not clear to me how to designate a folder in DT Pro? For example, when I sit down to scan a stack of bills, I want them to go into a specific folder for that Month/Year. I’ve gone to Scansnap settings and see a path to “image saving folder” which as you said above defaults to “pictures” but I admit, I don’t know how to designate a specific path to a folder in a DT database.
I know this is not a DT problem per se, but thank you for any help.

You can’t designate a specific group in DEVONthink as they don’t exist in the Finder. The Global Inbox is the only location that you can do this with.

Ok, thank you.

My pleasure. :smiley: