Scansnap Problems

I’m frustrated with the Scansnap S500M and DTPro Office. Whenver I start DT, it says it detects Scansnap and askes to fix it so I can scan directly to DT. I quit Scansnap Manager like it requests and DT starts it up again but the default app changes from DT to Preview. I change it back again to DT but the scan doesn’t go directly to DT. So I quit DT and start it again and the dialog box comes up again saying it sees Scansnap but it’s not configured – would I like to fix it?

I’m going around and around with this and it’s driving me nuts!! What gives?



Just ignore (don’t accept) the prompt offering to set the application; if memory serves, you can tell it not to bother you again.

Manually set DEVONthink as the scan destination in ScanSoft manager at the Applications tab.

Then all will be well.

That did it! Bill, thanks a million for your prompt response. I still think it’s one of the best programs out there!


I am having the same problem, and I have already set DevonThink as the default on the Applications tab in ScanSnap Manager. Can I just turn off the notification and assume that all will be well??

Yes, it doesn’t harm anything. I hope that the upcoming maintenance release will fix it, but I’m crossing my fingers. Another solution for now would be to throw away your old ScanSnap preferences and restart.
Unfortunately, there is no sanctioned way to communicate with the ScanSnap so your mileage does vary here…

At least it’s not just me! Thanks for the info; I’ll try disabling the notification.

I am using Scan Snap with DT Pro. I have two questions about scanning. Sometimes when I load a document with multiple sheets two or more pages stick together, but the other pages scan. Is there a way to rescan the missing pages and add them to the file or, even better, put them in the right order? Must I start scanning from the beginning?

My other question is a bout scanning non letter size documents such as checks or cash register receipts. I find that I have to load them vertically or the entire document won’t scan. Any suggestions on how to judge the correct orientation before scanning?


We don’t offer functionality to edit PDF files, but if you have Acrobat you could probably add these pages in.

The OCR will guess the correct orientation in most cases, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Thanks for the information about editing PDF files. My second question was about scanning non letter size papers. If I put a check or cashiers receipt in length wise only part of the document is scanned. I realize this is not a DevonThink issue, but I was curious if you knew how to get the scanner to scan the whole page.

I’ve seen it used for business cards and such but i don’t have one myself. So I can’t help you there…

Insert small items in “portrait” mode, in the center of the feeder.

That usually works for me.

When Bill’s portrait-mode tip doesn’t work, switch to the ScanSnap application (which is already running), hit Cmd-S, choose Paper Size, and turn off automatic detection. That will always work.

(And I really wish Fujitsu would let us set up three or four “standard” scan profiles and hotkey between them… I’d be willing to switch to ScanSnap and hit Cmd-1 or something…)

Hello, everyone. I have just come to DT Pro Office from YEP. I also have the ScanSnap S500M. I’ve set DT Pro as the default application and I have to say I love the automatic OCR. Question: the next tab of the ScanSnap setting preference is SAVE, wherein you choose which folder the scans are sent to and in what format. When I was using YEP, I set the scans to go to a YEP pending folder. Now using DT Pro, is there a suggestion about which folder the scans should be sent to? The scan type I suppose is best at .pdf Thank you.

The Save tab in ScanSnap Manager lets you choose the destination of the output that doesn’t go to your database.

I’ve designated a folder inside the Pictures folder in my Home directory.

As a fail-safe, an unOCR’d copy of the PDF will be saved in that location, so that you won’t have to rescan a document should something go wrong. Once the OCR has been completed and the document safely stored in your database, you can ‘clean out’ the extra file whenever you like.

Very sensible suggestion, Bill. Thank you.