ScanSnap S300M and DTPO in Lion

Has anyone been having issues with ScanSnap S300M, DTPO and Lion? I’m using my default setting for scanning to DTPO and it starts to grab the first sheet, pauses about 1-2 seconds, scans 95% of the sheet, sits there for 10 seconds, and then finishes the sheet. This is 8.5x11 size sheets and has always scanned fine (fast) prior to this. No compression settings in the profile and I’ve upgraded to the latest driver from Fujitsu (it still behaves the same way with the new driver).

It finishes the scan fine, but takes 10-15 seconds/sheet when it was a few seconds before with the same ScanSnap profile.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

Quick update.

I have a bootable 10.6.7 system on an external HDD. I booted off that, scanned into DTPO with the same profile and it was “normal”. I was concerned it was a hardware issue with the S300M at first, but the fact that it scans fine (fast) in 10.6.7 has isolated it for me.

Now, does it seem that it’s a DTPO issue, or S300M driver issue? Running V2.2 L15

Does the ScanSnap scan to file or email or any of the other options without pausing? If so, then it’s likely something to do with DTPO.

I’m not sure if it’s meaningful at all, but my ScanSnap S1500M is working with DTPO just fine, thank goodness!

Thanks for the feedback. I tried scanning to Mail (ScanSnap pre-set) in 10.7 and it was fine.

I then scanned using the DTPO preset I have always used and it too was fine. All of my Spotlight Indexing was done after the initial Lion install, so I’m not sure what was different between when I first posted and today. But I’m glad to report it’s working as expected in DTPO in terms of throughput.