ScanSnap S500M

Finally bit the bullet and bought the ScanSnap. Been using an Epson 4180 flatbed which just simply doesn’t serve the purpose for scanning a lot of documents.

I have to say that the ScanSnap is a marvelous piece of gear, and OCR is amazing.

My iMac G5 PPC is a bit dated now as far as speed with OCR, but still, I can still do other things besides shoveling papers though the flatbed. The ScanSnap does multipage, doublesided docs in a few seconds compared to waiting for the lightbar on the flatbed to scan just one page of a doc in many, many seconds.

The downside:

My database is going to be a lot bigger now, but then, that’s why I bought DTPO in the first place. But the huge benefit is eliminating all that miserable physical paper. What a relief!

Now I can find anything immediately. Lordy, isn’t science wonderful?

When DTPO v2 comes out and I can link with OmniFocus, well, just imagine.

Then I’ll have to get a new touchscreen iMac. :wink: