ScanSnap S510M and DevonThink Pro

Hi all,

I’ve just received a new ScanSnap S510M scanner 3 days ago and have been busy scanning in whole drawers of paper since.

When scanning some of the larger batches of documents though, usually anything with more then 4-5 pages I’m getting an undefined error with the scanner (error code: 0xffffdcf7) where the scanner stops and the batch is effectively lost. I think the error may be happening within the SnapScan Manager software but I’m not sure if it’s contained completely within SnapScan or as a result of integration with DevonThink Pro.

I’m using the scanner on an early 2008 MacPro (with 10GB RAM) running Leopard 10.5.5. Has anyone else seen this issue because I’d love to know how to resolve it?

I have to say that the integration between the SnapScan and DevonThink is great because it cuts out a couple of steps in my scanning workflow compared to using my Epson 4490 scanner. I just wish I could stop the S510 from generating a scan error every so often.

Kind regards,


Our integration doesn’t do anything with the ScanSnap nor with its software. Have you checked for the latest version of their software online? What ships with the scanner is obsolete most of the time.

Ok, thanks for the quick feedback.

You’ve confirmed my suspicions. I’ve already opened a case with Fujitsu to try and resolve this. I’m just surprised that with the number of people I’ve read about using the S510M scanner with DevonThink Pro that no one else has reported the same issue.

After posting my original message I tested it with a MacBook Pro and the behaviour is the same which discounts my hardware. It can only be the SnapScan Manager software or the scanner itself.