ScanSnap Setup Problems

Using DT 3.8
ScanSnap iX1500
iMac using Mac OS 12.0.1

New user of DT and trying to set up my ScanSnap. Following the instructions in “Configure ScanSnap Home to Scan to DEVONthink”. I can get to step 4, at which point DT does not show up as an available application nor does a blank box. DT is listed in the available applications for my ScanSnap. Need help please.

From the drop down menu below, there should be an option at the bottom of the menu to Add or Remove an application.

Select this option and add DEVONthink as below

Thank you for this, but I had already accomplished that step. It was Step 4 - “Adding a New Profile” that was giving me trouble. I’m happy to tell you that this morning the ScanSnap works fine with DT - although I have no idea why it would not work yesterday and will work this morning. Anyway, the problem seems to be solved

Great, glad that it is working for you.