ScanSnap to DEVONthink Pro Integration

My understanding is that DEVONthink will automatically import from the ScanSnap scanner when a document is scanned. However all that happens is that the document gets placed in my Pictures folder. ScanSnap Manager doesn’t show DEVONthink as one of the applications it exports to. I recall reading somewhere that there was a bug in OS X that prevented this from working. I’m running OS X v10.5.3, DEVONthink Pro v1.5.2.1, ScanSnap Manager v2.1 L10, with a ScanSnap S510M scanner. Any suggestions? I’d like to enjoy this seamless integration everyone keeps talking about!

I’m running ScanSnap Manager 2.2 L11. You can find the download at

In ScanSnap Manager Settings > Application you can add DEVONthink Pro to the list of available applications. Click on the Add or Remove button and navigate to and select DEVONthink Pro. Then make sure it’s shown as the destination application.

You’re using DEVONthink Pro Office right? The whole automated ScanSnap support magic is only to be found in DTPO.

Yes, I’m using DT Pro Office. But the application name of DT Pro Office as selectable by ScanSnap Manager is DEVONthink Pro.

Thanks, Bill. That solved the problem. I’d forgotten to update ScanSnap Manager.