ScanSnap to DEVONThink

Good morning. I have searched here and on Google and have not found what I’m looking for.
I am scanning files with the goal of reducing from a 4 drawer lateral to . . a file box?
I would love to scan directly to DT but cannot find the pathway while synching via CloudKit. I have eliminated a lot of synching errors by synching to CloudKit so I would like NOT to switch. In the meantime, I’m scanning to a desktop folder and importing to DT but would like to eliminate this step.

Which begs the question what you were searching for; the forum is full of ppl asking how to set up ScanSnap. The quick answer is you need to set up the ScanSnap software to send directly to DEVONthink. Which ScanSnap software are you using (Home or Manager)?

I’m also confused as to the connection you appear to be suggesting between syncing (via CloudKit) and scanning; there is none, as far as I am aware.

@gvbarnes Start with Page 69 in the DEVONthink Manual, esp. the section “Using a Scansnap Scanner”.

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I have used a ScanSnap for years. I did search but most of the posts are quite old. .perhaps the technology is still the same but I preferred a more recent response.
Can you suggest the pathway to input for DevonThink as one of the applications to which I wish to scan? I will check the manual. . .again.

If not, thanks for your time.


Sure - but are you using ScanSnap Home or Manager? The procedure varies between the two.

If ScanSnap Home then: Preferences/Application - add DEVONthink here.

Then from the main ScanSnap Home window click the circular button with the semicircle and the plus (“add profile”) to add a profile. Set the profile as follows (or make your own choices):

Now - when using the DEVONthink profile which you have just set up - scans will be directed to the DT global inbox. You can change DTs behaviour with regard to these scans in the DT Preferences/OCR

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Thanks for your help! I am in business now :slight_smile:

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