Scapple files, no previews

DT 3.8.6
Scapple 1.4.1 (8168)
MacOS 12.6 (Both machines below)
MacBook Air (M1 2020)
iMac (19,1)

Hi, my Scapple files have stopped previewing in their DT db?

This is occurring on both machines.

Anyone else have this problem and if so any solutions?


Does the Finder’s Quick Look show a preview?

Oddly it does not.

Thanks for that.

I better speak with the Scapple people.

it´s a problem on their side!
– See here and here.

Oddly, though Quick View is integral to a lot of workflow (functions) the problem persisted for the last 6 month though registered.
Just recently the moderators of the forum stated it´s an Apple bug they have to get around (?) – and that it ‘Shouldn’t be too much longer!’. That was 17d ago… :-}

best and hope the best for all of us Scapple users! :smiley:

Thanks. Let’s hope it’s not too long before they get around to fixing it.