Scheduled Search Sets Behavior... Unclear On The Concept

I have created three search sets and have scheduled them to run automatically on a weekly basis. They are using plugins and are not looking at designated Web sites.

As far as I can tell none of the search sets are operating correctly. A couple of days ago I returned to my computer to find several small windows apparently associated with my search sets. They appeared to have run (two are scheduled for weekly searches on Fridays) but no results were archived. I have “archive results” checked under the Actions tab.

It does say that I have x number of “previous results” regarding the search set that I manually ran. The other two search sets show “no previous results.” I checked “only new pages” under Results in all three search sets.

And this morning (Sunday) one of the search sets ran as I sat watching; it is actually scheduled to run on Wednesdays. Again, no results were archived… The automatic e-mail notification isn’t working either; I use Eudora so perhaps thatis the problem.

As a test I then manually ran the search set within ten minutes of the previous search and it returned over 400 documents.

I have been through the DEVONagent manual a couple of times and rechecked my settings under “Edit Search Sets” but I cannot figure out why things are going awry.

Just send the search set to our support address and I’ll check this.

Thank you for the search sets, it’s indeed a bug. Until a new release will be available either don’t use a weekly interval or don’t quit DEVONagent.