Scheduled Search Sets Not Running

For some reason, DevonAgent’s scheduled search sets are not running. I go to bed with my computer on, wake up with it on, with search sets scheduled to run in the middle of the night, but DevonAgent never opens or runs the scheduled search sets.

I’ve checked that I do have them scheduled at the proper time and day. They used to run properly but haven’t for at least several days now. I can’t think of any OS or Devon upgrades I’ve done lately that might account for the odd behavior.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

DEVONagent Pro 2.9.6 just came out. Try downloading a new installer from here and replacing the current version: … d=download

Thanks. I will try that and post the result. I’m kind of wondering if I need to delete some of the support files (preferences, etc) as well.

I wouldn’t unless the problem persists after replacing the application.