Schubert PDF browser and DT 1.9.6

I’m using the Schubert PDF browser in conjunction with Safari, which I am using in preference to DevonAgent right now (although I am registered for DA). I cannot work out a way to get the PDF file as presented in the Schubert browser directly into DT. Help with this conundrum would be appreciated. I’ve tried the DT alias trick but then I get a xxxxxxxx.pdf.pdf file in the database. Not aesthetically pleasing.

As DT Personal isn’t scriptable, I prefer to simply save PDF files and then import them into DT. A disadvantage of ‘printing’ PDF files to save them is that clickable hyperlinks and bookmarks are lost in that mode.

For DT Pro users, scripts are provided that I use to automate transfer to my DT Pro database following the save operation.

I save PDFs to a folder to which is attached a Folder Action script that sends the PDF to DT Pro. As I have DT Pro preferences set to copy the PDF to my database Files folder, I periodically clear out the dropbox folder.

The Folder Action scripts are in the Scripts folder that’s included in the DT Pro disk image. Directions for using Folder Actions are in Mac OS X Help and DEVONthink Pro online help.

Works great.