Schubert PDF Browser Plugin

A helpful hint:

I have discovered that when using DT to browse web pages and I come across a PDF, the Schubert plugin loads beautifully into DT. Advantages are that it allows for continuous scrolling of PDFs, allows hyperlinked contents to work properly, and supports sidebar TofC for the PDF.

So…since I have several PDFs that I use that contain massive Tables of Contents, I created a simple web page with hyperlinks to these documents and dropped it into DT. Voila…when I click on the links the plugin loads and I can browse my documents all within DT.

Until Apple releases the hooks that enable Preview to do these things (and hence allows DT to incorporate similar functionality) this will do. I already have these documents inside DT, so I can still search them for content. But having access to the TofC and hyperlinks is a great bonus.

The plugin is free for personal use and version 2.0.1 can be had at:


As Cocoa does not support this I wonder how this is actually implemented. Maybe using Core Graphics. Guess I’ll have to check this again although I didn’t notice anything really useful in this framework (except accessing the internal PDF contents, e.g. to create a table of contents or to display the meta information of a PDF document).

Well, at least continuous scrolling will be an option in DT 1.9 or 2.0.