Screencapture sound is incredibly loud

Hello, I wanted to transition to using the Screencapture functionality in DevonThink so all my screenshots are saved in the inbox for sorting/processing later on.

I have airpods on pretty much all day because I work from home, jump in and out of zoom calls, and listen to music when I’m not on calls.

I almost went deaf when I first tried to take a Screencapture using Devonthink’s native feature - I’m surprised no one else wrote about this experience.
I tried to turn down the volume for my local desktop significantly but it’s still incredibly jarring.
I noticed it is almost 3x louder than anything else (whether it’s my music or notification alerts for any of my other applications).

This makes it really hard for me to use the feature - is there any way to turn it off or change the volume?

Hi, and welcome to the community.

I don’t use the capture function, so can’t comment on any sound it might make (like any other software on my device, DT doesn’t have permission to record my screen - I can’t change that on my production setup in any hurry, so can’t test just now).

You might want to try unchecking DEVONthink 3 > Preferences > Sorter > Play sound after capture

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