screenshot feature

Sorry if this exists :
i would like to have a screenshot feature like Skitch (permits annotations, drawings on the screenshot and resizing).

Skitch wants to works well only with Evernote (The EN Company bought Skitch), and there is on item that Skitch doesn’t have : automatic push of every screenshot in the"Inbox" folder of DTPO.

There is an alternative to SKitch on the MAcAppStore, GLUI for about 5 Euros, it’s not bad at all, and it dropboxes on request the screenshots, but it doesn’t permit to resize the screenshot, and you have manually to push the button “Save” in order to save in the Inbox of DTPO.

I would like a tool like Skitch, but working with GTD : one click, crosshair cursor, shoot,it’s in the Inbox. “Shoot and forget”.

The built in Screenshot Tool of MacOs, even with a Script -> Inbox, does not meet all requirements as you cannot annote and resize the screenshots quickly.

I’ve used FlySketch for this for a long time. Anything Gus Mueller makes is rock solid. An alternate is ScreenFloat, by Matthias Gansrigler – also excellent but not for annotations.

BTW, you and Maria should meet. 8)

Yeah, i agree with Marias suggestion, although i rarely write on my Bamboo Tablet (but i own one :slight_smile:)

Thx for the other links, will try!