"Scribe" from Center for History and the New Media

Anyone had a look at “Scribe” from CHNM? The new version “Scribe4” is out. How does it stack up against Bookends and Endnotes?



I was glad to see your post, because I had rejected Scribe long ago as too primitive. So after testing ten other note-taking programs I ended up with DevonThink. When I master it, I hope to be able to use it for my next research project. It’s amazing that there is no program out there specifically for historians (or other humanists who must cite archival and printed sources.

My graduate history techniques and methods course recommended 5 X 8 cards with the reference at the top, page numbers to the left. If I could find a program that anchored the reference to the note so that I could simply plug it into Word or Papyrus and have it automatically footnoted, I would be very happy.

Footnoting: That’s what I like about Scribe3. It’s just a quick tool. It downloads cites from Amazon, formats them into Chicago style, and allows you to plug the results into a Word doc. Simple. Free of charge.

I don’t use Scribe3 for notetaking. I make two types of notes: “Ah-ha notes,” which go into Scrivener; and text notes from books I’m using for research, which go into DTPro, which serves as my database.