Script Duplicates to Replicants

I installed the DT3 beta on may MacBookPro, no problems. I downloaded the “missing” script duplicates -> replicants and everything is fine. Now I installed DT3 on my MacMini and there I can not download the appropriate script (menu script/more scripts. I have the German version there it is “Weitere Scripten”). The desired script is not listed there for download (on my MacBookPro this worked???).

I have found this discussion about the particular script: but this does not help / solve the problem.

Any hints?

Mike from Germany

If you are using/seeing the standard “Duplicates” smart group in the sidebar, all you need is to select the items and ctrl-click (ie using the contextual menu), there is an item Convert -> Duplicates to Replicates.

Works fine! I have overseen this…
Thank You!