Script for Back Links?

Is it possible for someone to create a script for back links? May be they are possible already, but I am not aware of it. If you can let me know, I will appreciate it.

Could you clarify what you’re asking for and provide examples fo what you’d expect to see or happen? Thanks.

Backlinks (and the lack of them in DEVONthink) are described in the forum post Wiki functionality: Backlinks. You can add a response to that forum post if you would like to encourage DEVONtechnologies to include automatic backlinks in DEVONthink. That forum post also includes a link to a script described as “a toy proof of concept” that may serve your needs, but it is nothing like the kind of automatic backlinks found in Journler, for example (much to the disappointment of those of us who have come to DEVONthink from Journler).

By back links, I mean wiki-style links. Thanks, nat, I will check out the links you provided.