script for ical


I read on a post that there was supposed to be some kind of script for getting info to ical. But I havent been able to find one.
What I would like to do is to have a todo list and to be able to send the todo items to ical as todo items and then to sync back, so that if I mark a todo item as done in ical when I sync the item in DTPro will have state “checked” as opposed to the items that are not done.

Any help would appreciated as I am trying to work out a gtd scheme for myself and I would rather stick with DTPro than having to go to OO and kGTD allthough kGTD seems great.


Actually I can’t remember a script for iCal and couldn’t find one by searching this forum.


I could have sworn I saw a post that mentioned that…but I cant find it again so probably I just misread something.

Hows it going with DT Pro version 2? When can a beta be expected?

We don’t announce release dates too early anymore - we’ve made this mistake once but hopefully not anymore :wink:

Perhaps you were thinking of the Kinkless GTD (Getting Things Done tm) package of AppleScripts which integrates OminOutliner with iCal. I don’t have any need for either iCal integration or a full-fledged outliner but his demo looks pretty slick:

You could download his scripts and, er, borrow some of his techniques for use wtih DT.

I am trying to make a choice between using DT Pro for my gtd stuff or using OO and kgtd.

In principle I would like to stay in DT Pro if I can instead of having to go between the programs. I have set upp things so that DT Pro is quite usable for gtd but what I lack at the moment is a way to get certain items into ical. For instance calls to be made and errands would be useful things to have on icals todo since it would be synced to my phone and always be with me.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of applescripts allthoug I can to a certain extent creatr useful perlscripts.

I was hoping someone had made an attempt to write such a script. But we dont always get what we want. Perhaps I will just have to go with oo and kgtd.

I didn’t read the article but maybe this page contains some ideas for you: